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Texas emerged as one of the city of United States that incorporates world’s topmost companies, related to networking, wireless-communication, Information Technology. Alltel
Wireless is one of the company among them, started its branch in 1943, as Allied Telephone Company. In that period of time, it was a small business specializing in installing telephone poles and cabling for telephone companies across Arkansas as founded by Charles Miller
And Hugh Willbourn, Jr. Companies main business took grip in 1983 ,when the company decicded to merge with Mid continent Telephone .Founder of Mid Continent Telephone Weldon W became the first Chairman of Allied Telephone Company ,who shifted the headquarter of the company to Hudson Ohio.Company’s first product as wireless system launched soon after two years ,in 1985 in the city of Charlotte ,North Carolina.Soon after that companies opened their research and Development center at Texas,and made wireless retail store , also it began its plan to combine wireless and wireless business into a single organzation.

As the company’s growth reached very high it started to merge with other big companies in the middle of the 1990’s decade .In 2005, it took another step to proceed further by including two more companies i.e Valor Telecom and Windstream Communication, soon Verizon Wireless decided to acquire Alltel Communication Inc, $27Billion.Before the acquisition the company was considered as fifth largest Wireless Telecommunication company in the United States,and the topmost company of the city,Texas.

Not only in the city of Texas, but it operates its services in 34 states of America .The main focus of the company is to provide target small to middle size cities of United States ,and rendor them with highly advanced technology and also with cheapest cost that made each and every user to utilze the services in rural areas.With merger of the company with Verizon ,made him more technically strong to spread its business nationwide.

Currently the company approved the spin off of its Wire line telecommunication business to its stockholders, and also the merger of the company with Valor Communication Group Inc,for that it also received the antitrust clearance from the federal trade Commission in Jan 2006.

In 2008, Alltel Corporation announced its subsidiaries, Alltel Communication Inc and Alltel Ohio LP .to be one of the largest earning companies of United States, specially its business in Texas leads the company among many big companies. Still the company is continued to enlarge its business not only in North and in South America but also emerging to spread its services worldwide. As, today the whole world is connected to each other with wireless system. Now person can communicate with other person very quickly and efficiently irrespective of distance. The company has network crews in place throughout the region ready to respond to any weather-related emergencies and to make any necessary repairs as quickly as possible after the hurricane makes landfall.
Beside these companies’s main research work is going on in Texas, to provide latest as well as updated versions of communication appliances. These appliances include mobile phone, digital electronic gadgets, Palmtop. Alltel will continue to monitor Hurricane Ike through its command center operations so that it can respond quickly and effectively with
Manpower, generators and equipment to keep customers in communication with friends and family during and after the storm. Ike is expected to make landfall in Texas this weekend.

Area Code 234-855 Information

City: Youngstown
State: Ohio
Zip Code: 44503
County: Mahoning
County Population: 254274
Time Zone: Eastern
Type: Landline
Date of registration: 25/09/2006
Time: 05/02/2015 12:01:45 PM
Rate Center: Youngstown
OCN: 49660

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